Who is martcol?

I have been using the internets for quite a few years now and for want of a better, more interesting user name I opted for MART-COL with my email accounts and other subscription sites.   So I am martcol on my emails and a host of other places too and boy, do I get frustrated when someone else shares that user name!  It is so not cool to be martcol02, it sounds so second best whereas in real life, I wouldn’t ever describe myself as such.

martcol is Martin Coleman

There, that’s my true identity.  I live in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent and build web sites from my home.  I do other things but believe me when I say building web sites gives me great satisfaction and I love doing it.  If I build a site for you, I’ll put my heart and soul into it especially if you get as excited about it as I will.


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