Learning WordPress

Confused About WordPress?photo credit: lanuiop
Confused About WordPress?
photo credit: lanuiop

So, you have your blog and you are happy with the way that it looks, but now what?  WordPress is not that difficult to learn if you are even a little computer savvy.  If you have a good grasp of something like Facebook you might be half way to confidently managing the content of your new blog.

WordPress Tuition

I can show you how to use the WordPress Dashboard or interface.  This includes consideration of search engine optimization techniques for bloggers and the use of imagery. Other topics include:

  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing Plugins
  • Installing Themes
  • Using the post/page editor
  • Adding Widgets
  • How to write and structure pages
  • And more

Tuition is provided in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks area and is home based (either your home or mine).  You can save on the price by sharing lessons but it will be important that two or three students share the learning aims.  What? You want to know how much? Send me a message and tell me what you are looking for and I’ll let you know.  Without any sales patter or pitch.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Sample Training Videos

You can try out some of these training videos to see if they help you out.  If you have suggestions for other videos, let me know through the contact page.

Adding Link Text to a Page or Post

This video pairs with the next one, “WordPress Edit Options Explained.”  It shows how to link text in a page or post to another page on your site or to another site.

WordPress Edit Options Explained

How to use the icons that sit above the edit pane when you are editing a page or a posts.  WordPress is by no means a  full blown word processor but there is a lot that you can do if you know how.  This includes making text bold or underlined or even creating a list that is nicely coded with HTML.

How to Publish a Post on a Future Date

WordPress can add a post when you tell it to.  If you want to publish something in the future, it is quite easy to do and this short video will show you how.

Basic Adding a Post

This video should start you off with adding a post to your WordPress Sits.  It is very basic, it’s about 8 minutes long and it will get you started.

Preview a Draft Post in WordPress

This is a short video to show how to preview a post in a WordPress site.  WordPress has quite a few options for you, just to do with saving and publishing a post.

Using Flickr Images for your Blog

Here’s a Video showing how I get Creative Commons images for the web using Photopin to grab Flickr images.  This is part one.

Adding an Image in WordPress

Here’s part two.  In this video, we are going to learn how to add the following image to a WordPress post.  It is the second part of two videos and in the first one, we looked at getting images from Photopin.com.

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