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WordPress is Easy

WordPress is Easy – or is it?

WordPress is easy if you want to start blogging and where it gets difficult for you, there are plenty of places where you can learn about it or ask questions not least being the WordPress Codex and support forum.  If you are a little computer savvy, you should be able to find your way around installing the software (after you have your hosting set up), choosing a theme, making any theme-permitted adjustments and adding content.  After that, things can start to get a little complicated.

man scratching head
Head Scratching and Vision!
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How Complicated is Complicated?

If you are new to blogging or web development then believe me, complicated is very complicated and WordPress at times can be very unforgiving and seem reluctant to give up its secrets.  It can lead to a lot of head scratching and the bleary eyes you get from staring at the same thing for long periods of time.  You can very definitely get going quickly and you will find the internet littered with good advice about how to but if you have a desire to go beyond a basic blog then be prepared to invest a little time in reading up on your areas of interest.

From a personal site introducing yourself or you business, right through to selling your product through an ecommerce site, WordPress can help you achieve this.  There are a wide range of plug-ins available that can extend the functionality of WorpPress and without to much stress, anyone can make simple alterations to a site’s structure or style.  It is best if you know some code but not critical if the changes you want to implement are not too complex.

One Step at a time
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WordPress is built with a programming language called PHP and makes use of the fundamental building blocks of the web, HTML and CSS as well as using Javascript.  PHP is referred to as a server side language meaning that most of what it does happens in the background whereas the other things are about what happens in your browser and are referred to as client side.  Your local computer or device is the client.  If you know about these things, complicated just got less complicated for you.

One Step at a Time

If you are interested in having your own web site then I would say have a go.  Don’t be put off if the learning curve looks steep from where you are standing.  The basic steps are to get some hosting and a domain name, install WordPress, install a theme and then have fun.  Many hosting providers even supply automated installation of WordPress along with a range of other web software for you to test your skills on.   WordPress isn’t the only Content Management System out there so do some research to find out which one suits you.

After installing, start adding content straight away and consider the idea of regularly adding to and updating your site with good content that your potential viewers will want to read.  As you go along you will gain confidence and start to ask questions of your site that you will want to find answers to.  By researching and visiting forums and other sites, you will find that your knowledge and confidence will grow along with your site.

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