Add Link Text to WordPress Post or Page

Tutorial Video: Add Link Text to WordPress Post or Page

Here’s a video that shows you how to insert links into the text of a WordPress post or page using two examples.  One to link to a page within your site and one to link to an external page.  That means that you could link to say, your contact page like that or link to another site to add some more information to the content of your page or post.  I used a link to a wiki page about WordPress but here I’ll link to the WordPress codex.

Video Transcript

This is Martin of and in this video I’m going to show you how to use the link option
to add link text in a WordPress page or blog post.

I’ve got my site open here at a post that I did a while ago with another video in it entitled Basic Adding a Post.  And I’ve got some text here that I could easily add a couple of links to at the beginning.

The first thing to show you is that the link icons are greyed out; they’re not available until you do something to the text.  So the first thing I can do is which is very straightforward,  is to highlight this text, “contact me” and I’m going to link that to my contact page.

So now that I’ve selected the text the two link icons are more visible and that means that they’re available.  So you highlight the text that you want to become the link and click on the link icon. The link icon is a piece of chain and the next icon to it is a broken link and that’s what you use to remove the link.

Now when you click the link icon after selecting your text you get this page, this little screen showing you the options to link to pages that are already on your site.  So my text was contact me and I need to look for my contact page so that I can link directly to that and there it is.  So I just click on contact; WordPress automatically uses that page title as the title of the link, click Add the Link and there you have it.

You can see that the text is coloured blue and has an underline which is the default formatting for Link text.  And if I update that and take a preview of the post which I’ve already got open here and there you can see contact me.  If I click on it it goes to my contact page.  Easy!

So if I now go go back to the edit screen let’s try something else and I have got a  wiki page open here using the wiki site to see an article on WordPress itself.  So I’m going to highlight in the URL copy that link, go back to my edit page, Find the WordPress words, click on the link icon, paste that wiki link into the URL box, Add the title WordPress and click add a link down there in the bottom corner.

And now you can see that WordPress is linked as well.  If I update the site, go back to my page, refresh the page; now you can see that WordPress is linked and contact me is linked.  How about that?

And to undo those links you just click in that piece of text and click the broken link.  WordPress calls it “Unlink” so there you go and that does it.  I’ll redo that because I want the link there update it and that’s all ready to roll.

So there it is a very quick video showing you how to insert link text into a page or post on your WordPress site.

Hope it helped

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