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Image Editing

Some Images Need a Bit of Tidying Up: Image Editing

The image below is a photograph where the subject is happy with the outcome.  In terms of size, colour, exposure and so on, it is fine for the web but there are one or two distractions that could be removed.  It’s not the best bit of Photoshopping, but you’ll notice the difference.  Of course, the best thing to do is to think about your photo before you shoot and look for these little details.

Rose Maxwell


After – no air freshener or line from the head.


Rose Maxwell smiling woman in Green coat
After After: with a little rotation

Rose Maxwell

Is a therapist with Brighton Therapy Service:

Rose has experience with a wide range of  problems and children’s  worries, from shyness or low confidence, academic or friendship problems, problems in family relationships, divorce and bereavement, to eating disorders and medical problems. She can help children who have sadly  experienced sexual or physical abuse. She can help with behavioural problems such as defiant and challenging behaviour. Rose can help to support parents and foster carers to manage problem behavior and aims to help children to make the most of their lives and opportunities.

Rose works as an independent Child Psychotherapist and is also a registered Psychotherapy supervisor. Rose works part- time for ISP a therapeutic fostering agency and has a thriving private practice at her consulting rooms in Brighton.
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