Schedule a WordPress Post

How to Publish a Post on a Future Date or Schedule a WordPress Post.

WordPress can add a post when you tell it to.  If you want to publish something in the future, it is quite easy to do and this short video will show you how to schedule a WordPress post.  You might use this to publish a post when you are away on holiday or to coincide with a particular date or anniversary.  In the case in the Video, Brighton Therapy Service did a series of posts titled “Twelve Days of Christmas,” and we set them up to publish one at a time on the particular days.

Video Transcript

  • WordPress has the ability to schedule posts
  • So you can write a blog or news item
  • and ask WordPress to publish it at a future date
  • This is handy if you are going away and you still want content
  • to be added to the web site and in our case we’ve prepared
  • Twelve posts inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas
  • And what I have done is to schedule each one of those posts
  • To actually publish on the particular day and I am just going to show you how I do that.
  • So this is the Dashboard and we go to Posts, All Posts
  • And here we see our list of scheduled articles
  • Twelth Day of Christmas, Tenth, we are still waiting for one to come, but ninth, eighth and so on.
  • So let’s just pick any one and go to Edit.
  • Now over in the right hand side of the page
  • We see the Publish box
  • And there you can change the status of the post
  • If I just show you that
  • It could be scheduled, pending review or draft: I am just going to stick with scheduled.
  • You can change the visibility
  • Which is the option to make it public, password protected or private
  • We will stick with public because we want everybody to see this post
  • And this is the number of revision so as you edit the post it will save each version
  • and give you the option to go back to a version if you think it is better.
  • And here is your selection for scheduling
  • It is straightforward, you click on the edit button
  • and then add your month, your day
  • Your year and the time
  • and then click OK
  • This button at times changes to schedule
  • If that’s what you are going to do then just click that but for now I will click Update although I haven’t changed anything
  • And here you can see that this one is scheduled for January the first
  • twenty fourteen at eight O’clock in the morning.
  • If you wanted to change that again you could do so by clicking edit
  • Now we go back to All Posts and there you can see
  • These posts are scheduled
  • Third of January, Second of January
  • First of January and so on.
  • So very easy to do.  You can tell WordPress when you want to publish a post.
  • If you are preparing it to be published in the future.
  • Hope that helps.


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