Preview a Draft Post

Preview a Draft Post in WordPress

This is a short video to show how to preview a post in a WordPress site.  WordPress has quite a few options for you, just to do with saving and publishing a post.  If you aren’t ready to publish, you can save as a draft.  This might be handy if you haven’t got time to finish what you are writing or if someone else is collaborating or approving the text.

Video Transcript

  • This is how to preview a post that is saved as a draft in your WordPress site.
  • This is the site Dashboard
  • Yours may look slightly different depending on your user level.
  • Over here in the left-hand column go to All Posts
  • And here is our list of posts which when you hover over one,
  • you get Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and Preview as the available options.
  • You might not see every one of those options it will depend on your role or user level.
  • Here is one of the series of Draft Posts, Second Day of Christmas.
  • There is another, First Day of Christmas, both waiting to be reviewed and published.
  • So, if you want to view the post, just click the Preview option.
  • That will take you to the post but as it is not yet published,
  • you can only see them when you are logged in.
  • Now let’s go back the our list of posts using the Back button.
  • And if you are keen to have a go at editing you just have to select that option
  • And there is the post in the editor; a bit like a basic word processor.
  • All you do is click in the box and type away.
  • When you have finished what you wanted to change, you must
  • remember to save your draft up here.  It is very important.
  • Don’t use the publish button
  • unless you are absolutely certain the post is ready to publish.
  • So we are done here.  Hope that helps

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